Project Description

For Myself

Max Feliu

As Matt Hassell reaches six months of sobriety, it is his longest time in sobriety after relapsing 14 times. Having spent over 10 years revolving in and out of jail, living without necessities and a home, it is the first time in years he has the mentorship and love he needs to pull himself forward. Hassell aims to graduate from a peer support program at The Free Clinics in Hendersonville, North Carolina, which will give him the means to reintroduce himself into the workforce.

Hassell voices the struggles that many other recovering homeless drug addicts share. He tells a story that many people in his situation have never told – not because they didn’t want to tell them but because no one listened.

When you’re in addiction, you don’t think that you deserve anything. People are like, ‘he’s 38 years old, he’s done 10 years in prison, he’s not worth saving.’