Project Description

The Harvest

McKenzie Bulris

Since moving her family to Hendersonville, Stacy Fields has looked for ways to diversify her income and prepare for the next phase of her life. In 2016, she and her husband Chris started Raspberry Fields, a sustainable farming operation in nearby Fletcher.

Wanting to branch out even further, the pair started to experiment with jam, bread, and other products. As demand increased for their creations, she and her husband began to look for a new facility to bake in. After a lengthy search, they opened Mini Batch Bakery on 7th Avenue in downtown Hendersonville in December of 2022.

As Fields strives to establish Mini Batch into the community fabric, she often leaves herself feeling overextended and burnt out. Relying on her religion and desire to leave a lasting legacy in the area, Fields pushes on, with her family always by her side.

Yeah, we wanna have a great cupcake. Yeah, we wanna have the best bread in town, but that’s all secondary to the legacy.