Project Description

“Most people don’t like it that I’m younger if I beat them.”

“Do it again! Do it again, daddy!” Deuce Eldreth screamed from the backseat of his dad’s car. Even as a small kid, he loved it when his dad put the pedal to the metal and flew down the road.

The Eldreths have been drag racing for three generations. Deuce is now racing at the age of 14, making him the youngest racer currently competing at the Wilkesboro Dragway. His age has caused controversy, and he is not allowed to drive without an adult in the car. Nevertheless, he has done well in his races. He says that people complain “because a 14-year-old is beating them.”

After school. Deuce spends his afternoons working on his car with his father and grandfather in the family workshop. The Eldreth family’s relationship revolves around racing and fixing cars.

Deuce’s father, Scott, said racing is in Deuce’s blood. Scott even named his son after a car, the Deuce Coupe – the 1932 Ford Coupe considered by many to be the classic “hot rod.”

By Abe Loven