Project Description

“I’ve always said if you look hard enough you can find anything.”

A lover of stories and admirer of old things, Ken Welborn appeals to the rich roots of his community by writing columns for his weekly newspaper and welcoming people into his office at The Record, an antique collector’s heaven.

Besides saving old things to keep in his “poor man’s museum”, Ken also likes to have conversations with visitors about deeper issues, such as alcoholism. He hopes to help his community by telling stories of his own struggle as a former alcohol addict, as well as suggesting outside help and resources to those who may be going through something similar.

“That’s where the little newspaper comes in handy… they don’t have to come in my office to have these conversations. You don’t have to come off to maybe be a blessing to somebody.”

Through his weekly columns in The Record, he tries to expand his impact beyond the walls of his office. His columns include stories about various objects in his office, personal opinions, stories from his past, and community events.

By Hope Davison