Project Description

“I wake up thinking about playing guitar.”

Presley Barker’s life revolves around his guitars. He wakes up thinking about playing guitar. He plays late into the night until the guitar is physically taken away from him.

Inspired by the bluegrass music of the North Carolina mountains, Barker started taking guitar lessons at seven years old. Three years later, Barker was competing in the adult division of guitar competitions. Now at 14, Barker travels the country to perform in bluegrass festivals.

Barker once joked on live TV with Steve Harvey that he had a girlfriend in every state. While it was funny at the time, Barker regrets that comment now. “My least favorite interview question is probably how many girlfriends do you have,” Barker says.  

“I just keep hoping to play music for as long as I can and just kind of take it one day at a time,” Barker says.

By Emily Caroline Sartin