Project Description

“That’s the way God views us, as one big family.”

Lewis Geyer lived a rugged life full of carelessness, partying and cocaine addiction within the biker community. Geyer found his addiction destroying his relationships with his family, including introducing the drug to his children.

Geyer became aware of the destruction of his life choices when he saw a sign that stated, “Are You Addicted?” with a phone number listed under. After calling the line, Geyer found himself attending a faith-based addictions recovery program–but even then Geyer would use cocaine before he went to  the recovery meetings.

But Geyer’s life changed at a meeting. He found himself face down on the floor submitting all of his guilt, destruction, and addiction to the power of God.

After struggling to find a church community to call home, Geyer found Crossfire Biker Methodist Church. “There wasn’t nobody in there that wasn’t a long-haired hippie type,” Geyer said.

The sense of community at Crossfire strengthened not only his faith, but sense of belonging in the one family under God.

By Nash Consing