Project Description

We may not have the same beliefs or anything and fishing can still bring us together. I love that.

-Dave Albin

Shawn Isaacs is a competitive fly fisherman who brings groups on fishing trips into the rivers and streams of Ashe County, North Carolina. As a fishing guide, Isaacs makes sure beginners and experienced anglers alike can learn the art of fly fishing–casting the line, setting the hook and landing the fish–in only a few hours. Isaacs loves teaching, and describes seeing someone catch their first fish on a fly rod as a “feeling you can’t get anywhere else.” He cares deeply about the sport and about passing down the knowledge and skills he has learned to his 9-year-old daughter, Leah. Isaacs’ appreciation of the outdoors stems from growing up and learning to spin fish from his uncle, and he continues the tradition by fishing with his daughter. As a competitive angler Isaacs has caught over 200 fish in a day, yet he releases nearly every fish that he catches with the hope that fly fishing will continue to be possible long into the future.