Project Description

It’s not an activity that we do in isolation. We are part of a larger beekeeping community here in Ashe County.

-Kim Pitts

Ashe County is home to the most beekeepers per capita in North Carolina. Not only do their hives provide resources to the agricultural economy of the area, but they also create meaningful relationships in the community. Novice beekeeper Kim Pitts met Master Beekeeper Jim Rash at an introductory to beekeeping course at Wilkes Community College. In an effort to reconnect with her community, Kim decided to dive headfirst into beekeeping. The skills taught by Jim Rash in regards to beekeeping not only changed her way of thinking about these important pollinators, but her entire role in West Jefferson.

Together, they do their best to provide the right resources and take care of their hives who in turn pollinate farms across West Jefferson. The functional hive can teach humans a lot about cooperation and the importance of working together. Without bees and beekeepers, the entire agricultural layout of West Jefferson would completely shift.