Project Description

“Cheese making isn’t an easy job. We put in a lot of hard work to come out with the product that we make.”

-Brandon Hardin

As you drive into West Jefferson, you will be greeted with a sign adorned with an enormous slice of cheddar. Ashe County Cheese is a town staple. Founded in 1930 by Kraft, the factory is now the biggest cheese supplier in the Southeast. Outfitted with a retail shop, food truck and a viewing area to watch the cheese production, the company is no stranger to attention from the media. Ashe County Cheese features heavily in news features, articles and press from the local government.

The owners know the ins and outs of the company, from their almost instinctual recitation of the company’s history to their presence on the cheese stock market. While the focus might always brie on the cheese, the staff behind Ashe County Cheese are what truly create such a unique culture at this factory. Explore the laborious process that makes this company cheddar than the rest… just don’t ask them for any cheese puns.