Project Description

Maybe my children and great grandchildren would, you know, pick up a piece that, that I sent them and remember me.

-David Bridge

David Bridge, an 81-year-old resident of West Jefferson, found pottery 13 years ago when his wife, Candace, signed him up for a four-hour hand-building lesson. As health troubles led him to leave behind a corporate career in pharmaceuticals, pottery provided Mr. Bridge with a newfound purpose.

Today, Mr. Bridge operates his own studio, Whiskey Mountain Pottery, out of a barn adjacent to his home in downtown West Jefferson. His workshop is included as part of the Blue Ridge Craft Trail and he welcomes visitors into his space year-round. Mr. Bridge, whose pottery is sold in local establishments such as Bohemia and West Jefferson Specialty Foods, is proud to support local businesses and families through his craft.

Finding both motivation and serenity in his craft, Mr. Bridge plans to continue creating pottery for as long as he can. In this short film, Mr. Bridge meditates on aging and what it means to leave behind a legacy.