Project Description

[Music]’s almost like the air that I breathe, it’s hard to live without it.

-Karlee Hamm

Karlee Hamm picked up her first guitar at seven years old and ran with it. More like sprinted. At 14, she now plays like she’s been holding a guitar for more than a lifetime. Although some people thought she would quit, the guitar and music are integral to who Karlee is. Her admiration of Dolly Parton has taught her kindness and generosity. Her learning process has taught her determination and patience. And the music she shares with others when she plays shows just how much passion she has. This future star aspires to be the next big country singer and be just as kind and sweet as her idol, Dolly. She may not have the fame or the blonde hair, but Karlee is the epitome of kindness in everything she does. Whether with the bass, the mandolin, the guitar or her voice, Karlee’s love of music shines through the moment she starts playing.